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“I don't go home and live in a psychedelic castle made out of bubbles, you know.” So what is his house like? It's like Yellow Submarine in there.” He guffaws and throws himself back on the sofa, kicking his silver pixie boots into the air. “I don't go out like that.” When he was younger, he saw Jarvis Cocker in the street, looking cool in top-to-toe corduroy, “and I remember thinking, if you ever become famous, you have to maintain your image.

The boots are the least outlandish element of the comedy star's look today, comprising as it does tight jeans, a shaggy black fur coat with a Chanel logo spray-painted on the back, a giant patent handbag in the shape of a watermelon and, painted across his face, some bright Bowie zig-zags. If you saw Nick Cave in the supermarket in tracksuit bottoms, you'd kill yourself.

He is a playful polymath, hopping about in his pointy boots from sitcoms to animations to stand-up, acting to art exhibitions. He is about to go on tour for a second UK leg of his solo show, An Evening With Noel Fielding, having already taken it around the UK, Australia and New Zealand. But I suppose I'm in this weird transitional period between having some success doing weird stuff and not being eccentric yet. Fielding, who had been on the show since 2009, found out when the press did. All of a sudden it was just POWWWW and everyone was sick of each other. They were making a lot of money and there were a lot of people with a vested interest in keeping it going.

Stepping into Noel Fielding’s North London lair is like passing through the back of the wardrobe into 1960s Narnia, where Aslan is Andy Warhol.

Does he ever have a dress-down day, slob out a bit? I'm not particularly a slippers and dressing gown type. I don't have a weird tracksuit I put on when I get in…

That's not my zone.” Noel Fielding's zone, as most people know by now, is surreal, funny, psychedelic and a little bit rock'n'roll.

'I am so delighted to be working with Love Productions and Channel 4 on this best of British show.'Explaining the changes viewers can expect to see, Channel 4 Chief Creative Officer Jay Hunt announced: 'The Great British Bake Off will have a uniquely Channel 4 take when it airs this autumn.'Paul and Prue have huge amounts of expertise and warmth.

The whole scene is such a mid-Noughties idea of London cool that I fall into an intimidated silence and watch for a minute or two, until Fielding turns to me with a wide grin and, in cheery Cockney tones, says: ‘All right! But it’s a brand of offbeat wackiness that has been bubbling through the roots of our national comedy family tree as far back as the Pythons, the Goons, even Tristram Shandy. At Bill Bailey’s request, he first stood in as a team captain in 2009 and achieved a record for the highest team score ever on the show.

He’s since done a further four series and will return in the next, on BBC Two in the autumn.

In a bland office building just behind Gospel Oak station, a secret door conceals a studio with giant canvases strewn across the floor.

Strange electronic tones burble from the stereo as Fielding’s girlfriend, the XFM DJ Lliana Bird, his friend and co-star Dolly Wells and a couple of pals with video cameras and paintbrushes drift around.

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