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If you haven't installed the Weatherlink software, you won't have the Next be sure that Wdisplay is not working, then boot the weather link software, download the station into the Weatherlink software. Boot Wdisplay, go to import logs and then open weatherlink station directory (that is the directory you set up for the Davis software). You can also set custom tags , and there is a special custom tag to use for labels. The right mouse click to toggle on or off to view an object, and click and hold the mouse button to move that object, and hold the CTRL key while moving the object to resize the object (after first enabling that via the right mouse click menu (one time only).I didn't notice until I got to the point in the installation where I was to install the software that the Weather Link software CD was cracked (received this way, probably damaged in shipping).From the Davis web-site, you can only download *upgrades* from previous versions of Weather Link, so I emailed Davis Instruments' tech support and have not received a reply (in 4 business days).Note that this is not supported on the the Mac version of Weather Link.

Fortunately, the Weather Link "upgrade" included the necessary USB-Serial driver and I was able to get third party software (WUHU) running to send updates to the Weather Underground, which is what I wanted anyway.It makes it very easy to get your weather station on the Internet.In a few minutes, your weather data is posted on the Weather Link website hosted by Davis Instruments.Hi All I keep having issues with Weather Underground. ID=IENGLAND451Several times a day it behaves as if my station is 'offline', but I can see the updates running in WC and the history table on WU shows that the updates are getting through. I'm also seeing FTP errors that are related to uploading the webcam image to Weather Underground. I actually fixed todays issue by stopping and re-starting the WU upload.The effect is that my station does not appear on WU maps, any station page only updates if I refresh the page and the PWS Sticky on the right hand side of the page just shows ' Na N' for all items (but the sticky at the bottom of the page is normal! I've seen this happen on and off for the past few months. I like the look of the WU beta station page, but can't help feeling they've made an error with the wind vane. The page is also lacking any upload history which is a shame.

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Rapid fire sends data a quickly as possible to Weather Underground and using their Flash based service you can see near real-time updates on the web of your station's data.

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