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I would have preferred Lotus or someone else to be there instead...... Rusty has never been to a blogmeet.Rusty sounded like a cheating fink.. He can blow the girl off to go out with his boys, he can still be his own person and do what he wants (other than cheating of course) and she is as sweet as pie no matter what happens or what he does. Do we ladies change after 6 months into a new relationship? Sheesh - Aussie girls - can't get anything past 'em! It was explained to me as this - in the first 6 months of a relationship, the guy can (supposedly) do no wrong. Can get a fire stoked up pretty quick and simmer it on hot for a while tho!Watch As Gotti Trumps His Ace Over Hubby'S Queen And Flushes Her Pink Hole As Hubby Watches Her Repay A $We Are Hairy Kitty Mc Muffin Kitty Mc Muffin stripteases to show her hairy pussy Super sexy model Kitty Mc Muffin knows how to turn some heads.On her bed she starts a flirtatious striptease that demands attention. Which leaves just her stockings on as she plays with her hairy pussy!

Real GFs Exposed Kitty Pretty Emo Honey Kitty Spreading Naked In Bed Braided Em Hottie Kitty Like To Be A Model And This Is Her Way Of Warming Up To The Dream. Interesting - lets save this for a blog topic next week. When will you be on TV with bloggers who have their faces pixelised? buffalo x8, andrew is quite free to ignore us little munchkins if he so chooses. Posted by: Lotus at November 29, 2006 PM And when Lotus reveals all, it's quite a treat. Posted by: vegemitekid abroad at November 29, 2006 PM wow! My boyfriend also attests to the fact I was the same after 6 months.... I see your media empire is growing, growing, growing! Lotus, it's not important, I was just revelling in a bit of hypocrisy by chastising you and then being nosy myself ;) I see buffalo x8, so you are a hooved part-man, part-beast with wings AND a stickybeak?? Interesting debacle I am in, and I dont know what to do.She Never Said No To An Opportunity For A Good Sex And It Being An Anal Sex Was A Big Merit.Let\'S Face It: Suzanna Is One Naughty-Naughty Girl.

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