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, Meredith, Jackson, Callie, Bailey and Jo were recruited by a Col.

Miller to visit Bauer Medical, a military hospital, and throw a Hail Mary pass to save the life of a veteran with a monster of a tumor.

We got sober together.''Now we sing and we dance together.

The former 30 Rock and Glee favourite and the actor-turned entrepreneur exchanged heartfelt vows in front of 200 guests - including Glee's Jane Lynch and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Alicia Silverstone and Leah Remini. Cheyenne Jackson (right) and Jason Landau wed in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Encino, California on Saturday evening, exchanging vows in front of 200 guests including several of the actor's former Glee co-stars The publication reports that the couple, who met in rehab last year as they sought treatment for alcohol addiction, were married in an interfaith ceremony as Jason is Jewish, with the ceremony taking place at a friend's private property.

They announced their in February earlier this year, and they have helped each other through their past problems.

Cheyenne said: ''We've both been through a lot in our lives.

Though Owen had forewarned the Grey Sloan docs to be on their best behavior, no one had given the same instruction to the patient’s regular oncologist, Major Will Thorpe (Scott Elrod, late of The Young and the Restless).

Cheyenne Jackson also had his fiance Jason Landau by his side at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival as well as the Trevor Live benefit for the Trevor Project.

Their relationship has been going strong for months and they are not shy about sharing their PDA-filled snaps of themselves on Instagram.

And what was going on back at Grey Sloan while the Fab Five were away? ‘YOUR WORK BETTER BE AS GOOD AS YOUR TALK’ | After that inauspicious introduction to Will — during which it looked like Jackson was just about ready to take the conflict outside — things cooled off a bit.

During the group’s consultation with Carson, Will warned that, sick as he was, if he rolled the dice on Callie’s procedure, “We could lose you on the table tonight.” On the other hand, if Carson went with Will’s plan of aggressive chemo, he could get a coupla good years. Sure, she was able to joke with Jo about how Jackson couldn’t help but flirt, cute as he is.

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The NYC-based couple share a dog, Zora, (whom they call their "daughter") and took advantage of New York state's recent legalization of same sex marriage to make their union official.

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