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The environmental data show that the low mountains and tributary river valleys of the Yellow River in the Loess Plateau provided abundant sources of water and food in spite of environmental fluctuations.Microblade-producing groups repeatedly visiting this locality survived severe climate change by making use of fire, selective herbivore hunting, processing plant foods with grinding stones, and symbolic ornamentation such as ostrich shell beads.This review will be limited to some aspects of the Ra system with half-lives of 245 kyr, 76 kyr and 1.6 kyr, respectively.

Archeological digs in Scandinavia revealed evidence of the use of asbestos in pottery and chinking of log homes manufactured 5,000 years ago (See: A Brief History of the Use of Asbestos and Associated Health Risks).

Jiří Hála's textbook states that soils vary greatly in their ability to bind radioisotopes, the clay particles and humic acids can alter the distribution of the isotopes between the soil water and the soil.

Global cooling during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) posed significant challenges to peoples living in northern Eurasia.

The U-series decay chains contain many elements that can be fractionated in environmental and geological processes.

Half-lives of radioactive isotopes of such elements range from seconds to many millennia and application depends on the natural timeframe of the process or the elapsed time.

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