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Miss Lawson purchased the burkini from Islamic swimwear company Modestly Active, which has stores in the east London suburbs of Walthamstow and Stratford.

The firm makes "shariah compliant swimwear" and the model chosen by Miss Lawson costs from £79.99 for a small size to £89.99 for XXL, offering a sun protection factor of 50 .

I’m talking dating; I’m talking holidays and all that blooming beach etiquette.

I’m talking how to cope with being mistaken for a pregnant lady on the bus when all you’re really carrying is a secondhelping-of-pie-and-mash baby. (It has.) I’m talking not feeling awkward having a massage; I’m talking how to use chopsticks with grace. I’m not sure I’ll have all the answers to these conundrums.

In the area of new information, this story is slim.

There has been a survey and it tells you what you already know: when it comes to women, the vast majority of blokes prefer them well rounded.

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Little did I know about the real literary revolution taking place—that out of the inky duckling of the print personal ad was emerging this proud and freaky swan, the online profile.

Admittedly, the science could be seen as somewhat superficial.

It is based on an online survey — not the most accurate means of obtaining information — of 60,000 men conducted by laddish men's magazine FHM. The mag found that when shown pictures of three bikini-clad models, four out of five men said they were more attracted to the size 12 and size 14 models than the model who was a slimmer size 8.

And Miranda knows she isn’t the only one with problems.

So she asked the British public to share their own most excruciating moments.

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It seems their ideal girlfriends are pneumatic, not flat-tyred.

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